Health Assistant Loksewa Model Question Based on Loksewa Syllabus(Series-1)

Health Assistant Loksewa Model Question Based on Loksewa Syllabus

Chapter Wise Most Valued Questions :

A) Introduction, National policy, planning strategies  and implementation status of public health programmes in Nepal.( Main important Chapter total 10 Questions and 20 marks.)

  1. From when did Reproductive Health Act and Public Health Act was endorsed in Nepal ?

(a)   2074/08/06                                                              (b)   2075/06/02
(c)   2076/06/02                                                              (d)   2075/06/28

  1. One PHCC will be established per……………..according to NHP (National Health Policy) 2014 AD

(a)   10000 polulation                                                       (b)   Industrial area
(c)   One lakh population                                                (d)   Both (A) and (b)

  1. How many UN member countries were there in MDG signatories:

(a)   190                                                                             (b)   193
(c)   189                                                                             (d)   200

  1. The first organization working on Family Planning in Nepal is:

(a)   Meri stopes                                                                (b)   FPAN
(c)   Sunaulo Pariwar                                                      (d)   CRS

  1. Free Institutional delivery program was initiated in:

(a)   2005 AD                                                                    (b)   2007 AD
(c)   2008 AD                                                                    (d)   2009 AD

  1. NDHS-2016 showed the Child Mortality Rate of Nepal as:

(a)   21/1000 live births                                                   (b)   32/1000 live births
(c)   11/1000 live births                                                   (d)   7/1000 live births

  1. National Vitamin A program in 1993 with………High prevalence district in the first phase:

(a)   4                                                                                 (b)   6
(c)   8                                                                                 (d)   10

  1. From when did CB-NCP Programme was initiated in Nepal:

(a)   FY 2061/62 BS                                                          (b)   FY 2062/63 BS
(c)   FY 2064/65 BS                                                          (d)   FY 2065/66 BS

  1. If DOTS Plus program was initiated in sept 2005 from 5 districts then CB-DOTS programme was initiated in:

(a)   2005                                                                           (b)   2010
(c)   2012                                                                           (d)   2014

  1. When HIV prevalence in pregnant women in consistently more than 1%, then the condition is called:

(a)   Low level epidemic                                                  (b)   Concentrated Epidemic
(c)   Generalized Epidemic                                              (d)   All of above
(B) Planning and Management.(4 questions and 8 marks.)

  1. Which of the following management functions is characterized by the determination of objectives and how those objectives will be met ?

(a)   Controlling                                                                (b)   Leading
(c)   Organizing                                                                (d)   Planning

  1. Achieving results, making the right decisions, and successfully carrying them out to achieve an organization’s goals refer to:

(a)   Efficiency                                                                  (b)   Reliability
(c)   Effectiveness                                                             (d)   Validity

  1. What the community members fell are their needs, are known as:

(a)   Felt needs                                                                  (b)   Assessed Need
(c)   Professionally assessed needs                                  (d)   Minimum  needs

  1. Inventory management means……………….

(a)   Supply of the goods to Institution yearly basis
(b)   Reporting of logistic supply
(c)   Replacement, supply, storing and proper recording of goods
(d)  Supply the goods in health post
(C) Organizational structure and Functions( 2 questions and 4 marks)

  1. How many divisions are there in DoHS at present:

(a)   5 divisions                                                                 (b)  6 division
(c)   7 division                                                                  (d)   9 division

  1. The lowest level of health facility where the post of Medical Officers is present is:

(a)   District Hospital                                                       (b)   PHCC
(c)   Health Post                                                               (d)   Zonal Hospital
(D) Community Mobilizations & Local Governance.(2 questions and 4 marks)

  1. The PHC/ORC should be conducted at least………..hours per session:

(a)   5 days                                                                        (b)   10 days
(c)   15 days                                                                      (d)   20 days

  1. In Nepal, PHC/ORC program was initiated in 1994 AD as per the direction of :

(a)   Nepal Health Service Act                                        (b)   Nepal Health Service Regulation
(c)   National Health Policy 1991                                   (d)   Free Health Program
 C) Epidemiology and Disease Control.( 4 Questions and 8 marks. It is one of the most important topic for success in Loksewa)
19. The phase of pathogenesis in the natural history of disease starts when:
(a)   When sign and symptom appear
(b)   Agent, host and environment interact
(c)   When disease agent enters human host
(d)  All of the above

  1. All are true about measles except:

(a)   Fever occurs within 7-10 days of infection
(b)   Secondary attack rate is 30-40%
(c)   Immunity develops after 7 days of vaccination
(d)  Incubation period is 10-14 days

  1. About chicken pox all are true except:

(a)   Lesions appear in crops
(b)   Centripetal distribution of rashes
(c)   Rashes shows rapid progression from macule to vesicles
(d)  Crusts contain live virus

  1. For the controlling outbreak of cholera, all of the following measures are recommended except:

(a)   Mass chemoprophylaxis                                          (b)   Proper disposal of excreta
(c)   Chlorination of water                                              (d)   Early detection and management of cases

  1. Environmental Sanitation( 2 questions and 4 marks)
  2. Residual chlorine in chlorination water should be:

(a)   1 mg/l after 1 hour                                                  (b)   0.5 mg/l after 1 hr
(c)   1 mg/l after 30 min                                                  (d)   0.5 mg/l after 30 min

  1. Salt concentration in sea water is:

(a)   5%                                                                             (b)   3.5%
(c)   2%                                                                             (d)   1%
      D)Child Health Problems and Interventions.(4 questions and 8 marks)
25. An ear discharge that has been present for more than 14 days can be classified as:
(a)   Complicated ear infection                                        (b)   Acute ear infection
(c)   Chronic ear infection                                               (d)   Mastoiditis

  1. Sensitivity parameter of combined pediatric and obstetric care in our country is:

(a)   IMR                                                                           (b)   PNMR
(c)   U5MR                                                                        (d)   NMR

  1. The newborn having jaundice should have follow up visit on:

(a)   One day                                                                    (b)   Two days
(c)   Five days                                                                   (d)   Fourteen days

  1. Toxic Shock Syndrome may occur in which type of vaccination:

(a)   BCG                                                                           (b)   IPV
(c)   MR                                                                             (d)   OPV
E)General Medicine.(4 questions and 8 marks)
29. In acute rheumatic fever, which of the following present most late ?
(a)   Erythema marginatum                                             (b)   Chorea
(c)   Subcutaneous nodule                                               (d)   Polyarthritis

  1. Indicator of diabetic ketoacidosis is:

(a)   Fruity smelling breaths                                             (b)   Black colored stool
(c)   Pale colored face                                                       (d)   Excessive sweating

  1. A female client is receiving IV Mannitol. An assessment specific to safe administration of the safe drug is:

(a)   Level of consciousness                                             (b)   Vital signs
(c)   Weighting daily                                                        (d)   Urine output hourly

  1. In meningitis, choice of examination is:

(a)   Skull X-Ray                                                               (b)   Blood culture
(c)   CSF Examination                                                      (d)   Stoll culture
       F) First Aid and Emergency Management.(2 questions and 4 marks)
33. Which of the following is the last sign of shock:
(a)   Tachycardia                                                              (b)   Hypotension
(c)   Cool peripheries                                                       (d)   Pallor

  1. Which of the following is considered as the appropriate first step in first aid for case of drowning ?

(a)   Give CPR                                                                  (b)   Remove person form water
(c)   Ensure our own safety                                             (d)   All of the above
     F) Skin Disease.(2 questions and 4 marks)
35. Which of the following organism responsible for superficial fungal infection ?
(a)   Epidermophyton                                                      (b)   Trichophyton
(c)   Microsporum                                                            (d)   All of the above

  1. Acne vulgaris is due to involvement of:

(a)   Sebaceous glands                                                      (b)   Apocrine glands
(c)   Sweat glands                                                            (d)   Exocrine glands
G) Elementary Surgery.(4 questions and 8 marks)
37. The following statements are true about hydrocele, except:
(a)   Congenital hydrocele causes an intermittent swelling.
(b)   An acute hydrocele  in a young man might be a sinister finding
(c)   Testicular pathology might cause a hydrocele
(d)  Aspiration is an effective treatment

  1. Most common type of hernia in Male and Female both is:

(a)   Femoral hernia                                                         (b)   Inguinal Hernia
(c)   Epigastric Hernia                                                     (d)   Scrotal Hernia

  1. Dance’s sign is positive in:

(a)   Intestinal obstruction                                               (b)   Acute Peritonitis
(c)   Intestine Intussusceptions                                        (d)   Acute Pancreatitis

  1. In which of the following condition, Cullen’s sign is present:

(a)   Acute cholecystitis                                                    (b)   Acute Appendicitis
(c)   Blunt Injury to abdomen                                          (d)   Acute Haemorrhagic pancreatitis
H) Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Disease. .(4 questions and 8 marks)
41. Most common cause of ASOM in children is:
(a)   Staphylococcus                                                           (b)   Streptococcus
(b)   Hemophilus                                                                (d)   Klebsiella

  1. Yellow spot is seen in tonsil during:

(a)   Tonsillitis                                                                   (b)   Scarlet fever
(c)   Pharyngitis                                                                (d)   Epiglossitis
I) Oral Health and Mental Health. (2 questions and 4 marks)
42. Eruption of deciduous teeth starts from lower central incisor, at the age of:
(a)   24 months                                                                 (b)   6 years
(c)   6 months                                                                   (d)   4 months

  1. A person who is always worried and depressed about his/her own health is called:

(a)   Megalomania                                                            (b)   Schizophrenia
(c)   Kleptomaniac                                                           (d)   Hypochondriac
J) Reproductive Health problems and interventions. .(4 questions and 8 marks)
45. Mother experiences foetal movements at about fifth month of pregnancy which is known as:
(a)   Lightening                                                                 (b)   Quickening
(c)   Ballottement                                                              (d)   Engagement

  1. Which of the following fundal height indicates less than 12 weeks gestation when the date of the LMP is unknown ?

(a)   Uterus in the pelvis                                                  (b)   Uterus at the xiphoid
(c)   Uterus in the abdomen                                            (d)   Uterus at the umbilicus

  1. Peak level of hCG occurs in normal pregnancy at:

(a)   30-40 days                                                                 (b)   10-20 days
(c)   60-70 days                                                                 (d)   100-110 days

  1. PIH is diagnosed by all except:

(a)   High BP                                                                     (b)   Oedema
(c)   Albuminuria                                                             (d)   High blood glucose level
K) Act and Regulations(2 questions and 4 marks)
49. Nepal Health service Act was enacted in:
(a)   2049                                                                           (b)   2051
(c)   2053                                                                           (d)   2059

  1. To get special leave, one should complete the tenure period of at least:

(a)   One year                                                                   (b)   Thee year
(c)   Five year                                                                   (d)   Seven year

<<<The End>>>

 Answer of HA model test

1.b 2.d 3.c 4.b 5.d 6.d 7.c 8.d 9.d 10.c
11.d 12.c 13.a 14.c 15.a 16.b 17.b 18.c 19.c 20.b
21.d 22.a 23.b 24.b 25.c 26.b 27.a 28.c 29.c 30.a
31.d 32.c 33.b 34.c 35.d 36.a 37.d 38.b 39.c 40.d
41.b 42.a 43.c 44.d 45.b 46.a 47.c 48.d 49.c 50.c

लेखक : हरि विष्ट,सुनटोल स्वास्थ्य चौकीमा हे.अ. पदमा कार्यरत हुनुहुन्छ । हे.अ. को लागि महत्वपुर्ण किताब VITAL for HEALTH ASSITANT Loksewa को लेखक पनि हुनुहुन्छ । साथै CEDEP Nepal (NAME) मा स्वास्थ्य तर्फको लोकसेवाको तयारी कक्षाको Question Editor रुपमा काम गर्नुहून्छ ।