National List Of Essential Medicine Nepal(5th Revision)2016

Background :  Essential medicines are those medicines that satisfy the priority health care needs of the population. WHO published the first essential medicine list in 1977 and has been updating it every two years since.  Nepal being a signatory of the Alma Ata declaration (1978) implemented the essential medicine program with a first […]

क्रमशः हेर्दै जानुहोस
The K. Park Park's Textbook Of Preventive And Social Medicine 23rd Edition

The K. Park Park’s Textbook Of Preventive And Social Medicine 23rd Edition(Full PDF Book)

This is most popular book on Community medicine,Preventive Medicine As well as Social medicine. The book is updated, contextual and useful for the depth concept on public health related most issues i.e around the globe. This book is mostly referred by almost Bachelor and PCL level Nationally and Internationally. This is more fruitful for all […]

क्रमशः हेर्दै जानुहोस