Similarities and Differences between Influenza and COVID-19: WHO

Corona viruses are a large family of viruses, some causing illness in people and others that circulate among animals, including camels, cats and bats. Corona viruses are zoonotic viruses i.e. they are transmitted between animals and people. Corona virus disease is now commonly known as COVID-19. Most of us are usually confused with the similarities and […]

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Hypothesis Testing and Difference Between Type I and Type II Error-Public Health Notes

What is Hypothesis Testing? Hypothesis testing is a statistical test used to determine the relationship between two data sets, between two or more independent and dependent variables. Hypothesis testing is a scientific process to conclude whether to reject or not reject the null hypothesis. Hypothesis testing consists of four steps: 1. State hypothesis: a) State […]

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Some Major Differences Between Isolation and Quarantine:

                 Isolation                 Quarantine Isolation is the separation of infected persons with communicable disease from others in such places/conditions so as to prevent/limit transmission to those susceptible. Quarantine is the restriction of activities of apparently healthy persons who have been exposed to communicable disease during […]

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A Complete Note On Field Epidemiology-For BPH/MPH

Field epidemiology is practice or application of epidemiology to control and prevent health problems Act when problem is acute and unexpected and when quick action is required High levels of community concern Involvement of the press Political pressure Field epidemiology Field epidemiology involves the application of epidemiologic methods to unexpected health problems when a rapid […]

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Quick Revision Notes Of Vaccine & Cold Chain By Dr Bivek Jain

Quick Revision Notes On Vaccine & Cold Chain By Dr Bivek Jain

Pre-Ladder Revision Notes are one of the best health notes i.e. quick review in each topics. On this Topics Most Popular writer and reviser Dr. Bivek Jain Review on Vaccine and Cold Chain from Preventive & Social Medicine.  Read this one Down Here. Original Source : Pre-Ladder

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The K. Park Park's Textbook Of Preventive And Social Medicine 23rd Edition

The K. Park Park’s Textbook Of Preventive And Social Medicine 23rd Edition(Full PDF Book)

This is most popular book on Community medicine,Preventive Medicine As well as Social medicine. The book is updated, contextual and useful for the depth concept on public health related most issues i.e around the globe. This book is mostly referred by almost Bachelor and PCL level Nationally and Internationally. This is more fruitful for all […]

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