EWARS Reporting Tool for 2019

  • EWARS Reporting Tool for 2019

    Instructions for filling the form   Instructions for Report
    Sentinel Site Name List of Sentinel site is provided, select your site.   Week range Select the range of weeks which you want to calculate the report. Week from is always smaller or equal to the week to.
    Email Contacts where this report is to be sent periodically (weekly)  
    Form Fields to be filled   Color Indicators
    SN Enter the serial number   Orange In the form, the cell with this color indicates that some data is expected, when you type the required information the color disappears. If the outcome is ‘Under Treatment’, it indicates that this value should change later as per treatment result. In the report completeness indicator this color means that the data completeness is between 21% to 79% (Satisfactory).
    Nepali Date Nepali date (BS) of the patient registration, please type Year-month-day (eg: 2015-10-16)    
    Week  No The epidemiological week number which the patient is registered. List is provided, please select.    
    Reg. No Enter the hospital registration number of the patient.        
    OPD/Eme/IPD Please select type of patient registration (OPD/IPD/Emergency).   Green This color at the end of each row of the form indicates that data for the row is complete. In the completeness indicator, it indicates that the data completeness is equat or more than 80% (Excellent).
    Name of Patient Enter full name of the patient    
    Age Age of the patient, please type whole number    
    Select Year or month or day for patient age.        
    Sex Select sex of the patient.   Red This color at the end of each row of the form with ‘Incomplete Data’ label, indicates that the data for this row is incomplete, check if data entry is missing. In the report completeness indicator, this means that the completeness of the report is less than 20% (Poor).
    District Address of the patient District, Select from the list.    
    VDC/Muni VDC/Municipality, select from the list.    
    W.No Ward number, select from the list.    
    Village/Tole Type the name of village or tole    
    Contact No Type the contact number of patient    
    Disease Name Disease which the patient was diagnosed Name of the disease, select from the list.        
    ICD Code ICD code associated with the disease, automatically populated.        
    If Other, Specify Type the disease name if others is selected in previous cell.   For Further Support please contact Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, Teku, Kathmandu.
    Contact Person : Mr. Niraj Thapa, Padam Dahal
    Phone: 01-4255796 (Office), 9841427571 (Niraj), 9841781438 (Padam)
    Email: ewarsedcd@gmail.com, ewarsnepal@gmail.com
    Diagnosis Type of diagnosis, select among probable, confirmed and suspect.  
    Method Lab report Method of the diagnosis, select from the list.  
    Result Result of the lab test, select from the list.  
    Place Place/Lab name where the test was performed.  
    Outcome Outcome Select the outcome.  
    If Referred, Location/Institution If the outcome is ‘referred’, type the name of the health facility where the patient was referred.  

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