Experience Sharing

स्वास्थ्यमा चर्चा

We listened to several important guest speakers. One moment that touched us all, came from Dhamey Norgay, the owner of the host tour company, an entrepreneur himself, as he shared a special quote from his father:

“What I can teach is not from books, to be sure, but from what I have learned in living my own life: for many men, many lands, many mountains – and, most of all, from Everest. Some of it has to do with physical and material things. But not all of it; for I think I have learned other, and more important, things as well. One is that you cannot be a good mountaineer, however great your ability, unless you are cheerful and have the spirit of comradeship. Friends are as important as achievement. Another is that teamwork is the one key to success and that selfishness only makes a man small. Still another is that no man, on a mountain or elsewhere, gets more out of anything than he puts into it…”

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